The Original Dog Tarot™
Your Key to Divine the Canine Mind

Ever wonder what your dog is really thinking? Confused by confounding behavior you can't understand? Tap into the glorious mystery of the doggie brain with these 30 magical oracle cards and guidebook. Consult the cards for answers to timeless questions such as:

  • Why does your dog shred your socks but snub his designer toys?
  • Does your pooch want a new canine companion, or are you delusional?
  • What does your pup truly need to be her happiest, most tail-wagging self?
A Box Full of Fun and Insights
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The Original Dog Tarot by Heidi Schulman

Discover the Ancient Wisdom
of the Major and Minor Barkana

The Runt The Couch
Simply ask your question, draw a card, and
the answer is yours. You'll be amazed by what
you'll learn about your dog - and yourself!