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The Original Dog Tarot by Heidi Schulman
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Five-Card Spread

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The Five-Card Spread is meant for experienced users who have The Original Dog Tarot on hand. You’ll need the printed guidebook and deck for the full explanation of each card in Blossom’s Story.


Blossom was a cheerful, obedient three-year-old Golden Retriever/Lab mix. She’d lived with Maria, Seth, and their seven-year-old twins since puppyhood. One day, she started acting really weird. She’d carry the twins’ stuffed animals from their beds into a closet, lie down, and refuse to move. Mystified, the family wondered if Blossom wanted new toys of her own. They bought her a fuzzy blue bunny and a giant green giraffe. But Blossom wasn’t interested. She hid one of the new toys in a chair cushion, stuffed the other in a garbage can, and just kept moving the stuffed animals into the closet. The worried family took Blossom to the vet. But the vet couldn’t find anything wrong. Still, the strange behavior continued. That’s when Seth and Maria turned to The Original Dog Tarot. They asked:  “Why is Blossom acting so odd and what can we do to help her?”  They drew five cards:

THE MAGICIAN/NOSTRADOGUS in the Foundation position told the family that Blossom had a wily streak, which surprised them. They’d always thought of her as a simple, uncomplicated dog. Now, they saw she had a hidden agenda.

THE COUCH in the Surroundings position suggested Blossom was in a power struggle with the family and was losing respect for her humans.

THE AURICLE in the Mystery position hinted that Blossom had hopes and dreams the family didn’t recognize because they weren’t paying attention to what was going on around them.

THE THREE OF BOWLS in the Expectations position indicated that despite the current difficulties, there was a positive way out of the crisis.

THE SEVEN OF LEASHES in the Possible Outcome position made it clear that  Blossom was feeling restricted and needed interaction with other dogs.

After studying the cards, Seth and Maria realized the family had been so busy with human activities that Blossom was feeling left out. The cards helped them understand that Blossom was trying to show them she was lonesome. They saw that she didn’t need new toys; she needed dog friends. Seth and Maria had a long talk, and decided they were willing and able to welcome another dog into their home. The family took Blossom to the shelter, where she met a fluffy puppy named Duncan. Everyone loved Duncan, and the family brought him home. With Duncan at her side, Blossom stopped hiding in the closet with the stuffed animals. At bedtime, she and Duncan would nuzzle each family member and then settle down together for the night on their shared dog bed. Inspired by their beloved Blossom, the twins drew a representation of the AURICLE card and hung it on the refrigerator. It reminded them that Blossom had been a true oracle, teaching the family to be more sensitive to everyone around them. Duncan grew into a strong, happy dog, as content and playful as Blossom. They all lived happily ever after.