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The Original Dog Tarot by Heidi Schulman
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One-Card Draw

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The One-Card Draw is great for simple questions and quick answers, as in Bean’s Tale.


Jannie bought a dazzling Halloween costume for her Corgi-mix, Bean, but wasn’t sure she should let Bean wear it. She knew Bean would look fabulous in her flowered headdress and tutu and would love the attention, but friends said it was ridiculous to dress a dog like a doll. Conflicted and confused, Jannie asked “Would Bean be helped, or harmed, by dressing for Halloween?”

Jannie drew THE RUNT, the card of transformation. It told her that every dog has a special gift waiting to be unleashed. Jannie saw the message as a sign to let Bean wear the outfit and go trick-or-treating with the neighborhood children. In her costume, Bean was beguiling, floating down the street, pleased and proud.  People gathered in admiration, and soon, she’d collected more treats than the children. At home, an exhausted and radiant Bean fell into a deep, happy, sleep, sighing, dreaming of next year’s Halloween. A star had been born. The truth was in the cards.

Click on the card to reveal its full message for Bean and Jannie.