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Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by Heidi 2 Comments

Hello dog lovers! Welcome to Nostradogus’ blog and The Original Dog Tarot community. I wrote The Original Dog Tarot: Your Key To Divine the Canine Mind because I love dogs more than anything, and was looking for a fun new way to understand what was going on inside that mysterious doggie brain. Why did the dogs bark at people wearing pink hats, but not yellow? Why did they growl and wag their tails at the same time? I figured since logic and reason had failed me, I’d try to conjure up a little magic. Sure, the DT is kind of tongue-in-cheek. It isn’t tarot in the traditional sense; not at all.  But you never know where you’re going to find a little bit of truth about your dog’s deepest heart — or your own.

Happily, the wonderful people at Potter Style/Random House liked this crazy idea. So on October 16, the DT  goes on sale in bookstores, gift shops, and online. You can Pre-Order » if you like. I hope you’ll have as much fun using the DT as I did writing it. My wonderful dogs, Bosco and Tillie, give it two paws up. So that’s a total of four paws up – not too bad. Trust me, if they didn’t like it, two sets of big, brown, beautiful-but-demanding dog eyes would haunt me until I fixed it.

“You’re talking about my species, ” I thought I heard Bosco say one day while I was writing. “Do you think you know enough to get it right?”

The pressure was on.

We’ll post again soon, as we  build our online community. We hope you’ll be part of it.  Get in touch » any time through the website, or email us »  at For now, big woofs to all.  Welcome to our magical world.