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Halloween Pictures!

Posted on: September 11th, 2012 by Heidi 1 Comment

Thanks to Janet and Diane for sending pictures with their comments.  Tillie is thrilled.

Here’s Janet’s Lily as a glamorous Halloween witch.

“I predict Lily will fulfill her dream to be a squirrel this Halloween season,” says Nostradogus, “though she might have to invoke her considerable¬† magical powers to balance two tails.”

And here’s Diane’s beautiful Django. With her bejeweled tag and gorgeous coat, who needs a costume for adornment?


“I’m with Django,” says Bosco. “Simple is beautiful.”

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  1. Kate Lynnes says:

    Hi Bosco and Tillie:

    At our house it is never too early for Halloween. Our dear departed sister, Cokie Roberts Warrior Princess, loved to dress up for Halloween. Mom started it as a joke for the neighbor kids but Cokie loved her princess outfit. She enthusiastically greeted each goblin at the door and basked in their compliments. After the humans were done Mom would take her trick or treating to selected neighbors before finishing the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. She carried her own plastic pumpkin for treats and always shared her booty with her brother Bubba.

    G-Man, Ketzel and Kee.

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