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Posted on: September 3rd, 2012 by Heidi No Comments

“You’d better write to those nice people,” Bosco said this morning, “and tell them what the online community is going to be about. You didn’t mention that in your post.”

He’s right, as usual.

We’ll want to hear about issues that are on your mind, and we’ll be asking your opinion on all things dog. NOSTRADOGUS, the Magician of The Original Dog Tarot, will have a lot to say, too, in his Nostradogus Tells It Like It Is posts. We’re also hoping for some words of woof and wisdom from your cherished canines.

“Every dog has opinions,” Nostradogus once said, “it’s just that humans aren’t good interpreters.”

So when you have a minute – when you can take a little break from your dog walks, brushing, feeding, petting, picking out new shiny collars ( you know you’re thinking about that)  come and join us. We’ll be here, vacuuming gigantic chunks of dog hair from the couch, and swearing never to buy a black sweater again.

Back soon.

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