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Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by Heidi 4 Comments


Okay, I know. Halloween is still almost two months away.  But yesterday, when we went shopping for the perfect dog food bowl (did I see you there?) the Halloween goodies were already for sale. How crazy is that?  It’s enough to make a girl a little cynical. But wait —look – aren’t those ghosts fabulous? What about the black and orange crepe paper? Won’t it be perfect over the front door? And that princess tiara. Wouldn’t it look great – on the dog?

Really? On the dog? It’s the kind of idea that splits the dog community right down the middle. And so we ask:  Where do you – and your dog –stand on the Halloween costume debate?  Thrilling? Or torture? Raise your paws and let us know.

You might want to check out  Bean’s Tale » on our Sample Readings page.  Bean’s owner wasn’t sure  if her dog wanted to wear a Halloween costume. So she consulted The Original Dog Tarot, and found the happy answer.

And don’t forget to  let us know what your dog thinks about the pressing issue of seasonal dress-up.

“Can they send pictures, please?” asked  little Tillie, who loves to wear her pink tutu any time of year. Of course, Tillie dear.

A few years ago, I started wondering how dogs felt about wearing costumes. I’d just bought Bosco some sweet but understated bunny ears for the holiday. He’s a good sport and was willing to pose for a picture wearing them. He even kept them on when kids came to the door for their treats.

But once the last trick or treater had gone, things looked a little different.

Which led me to believe Bosco thought the whole idea was ridiculous.

So the other day I asked him how he felt.

“You might want to ask Nostradogus,” he said, and went to snooze under his favorite tree.

He never wants to hurt my feelings.

Better get the deck out.

What do you think about the whole subject? Please send pictures to: the If you have a comment, please leave it below!



4 Responses

  1. janet rubenstein says:

    My dog, Lily Rubenstein, loves wearing costumes. She loves dressing up, changing her persona,sometimes feeling like a sorceress, sometimes like a lady. We have already begun our search for this year’s costume; she mentioned something about being a squirrel. Did I say squirrel?

  2. Diane Kravif says:

    Django always looks terribly unhappy when I try to dress her in anything costumey. She’s fine with wearing her rhinestone ID tag every day, but she considers other clothing undignified.

  3. Lily says:

    No photos on hand (sorry Tillie) but I do have a story. Our girl Candy, a boxer, has always been keen on costuming and has even taken the initiative in designing her own. Her favorite material is drapery, especially the kind that’s long enough to hang to the floor. She enjoys rubbing herself on it, rolling under it, and draping her head with it. The cloth covers her ears and frames her dark-eyed, wrinkled face, turning her into the canine likeness of Mother Teresa.

    • Heidi says:

      Hi Lily. Sounds like Candy would do well with an appearance on “Project Runway!” Hope you can get a photo of her sometime in her custom garb.

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